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No one can fix your grief or take it away, you must work through it. Initially you may have feelings of shock, numbness or disbelief that the loss has occurred. Whether the death was anticipated or not, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed and experience physical reactions to it. Some of these feelings may last seconds, days or weeks, similar to the body's response to shock. It’s a defense mechanism that can give you time to gradually absorb and accept the reality of your loss.

Some Responses to Grief

— distancing from others
— inability to reach out
— lack of interest in daily affairs of others
— dependency on family or friends
— unrealistic expectations of self or others
— rushing into another intimate relationship
— poor judgment

— tightness in chest, palpitations
— shortness of breath, choking
— diarrhea, constipation, vomiting
— crying, sighing
— no energy, weakness in body, feeling empty, rigidity
— restlessness, aimless activity
— loss of appetite, no taste to food or drink
— insomnia or sleeping too much

— confusion, sense of unreality
— distortion of time
— poor concentration, forgetfulness
— general denial or disbelief of the loss
— daydreaming
— preoccupation with the deceased

— indifference to activities of daily living
— numbness, flat expression
— personality explosion or withdrawal
— need to review circumstances of death

— blaming God or life for the death
— lack of meaning in life
— may wish to die and join the deceased
— lack of direction, no sense of future

What Helps?
- talking about the person and the death
- grief support groups, talking to strangers is sometimes easier
- knowing that other people experience the same reactions to loss
- feeling you have support in your life, practical and emotional
- not making unnecessary changes in your life


Browse Our Grief Library
Here at Heritage we offer access to our grief library, a collection of excellent and various literature dedicated to helping families move forward.


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